After getting admitted into a university, a student should take part in activities for welfare of the country and betterment of the nation rather than being confined into academical studies. That is why one should join different clubs, associations or organizations which help to gain variety of skills and to get involved in different social activities. The organizations or associations give us opportunity to do social work and by such activities our hearts fill with patriotism and love for the nation. One can also improve or achieve various personal skills by participating in the organizational activities. Communication skill, organization skill, leadership quality, public speaking, supervising ability, these are some qualities that can be gained by participating in the works of an organization. To keep pace with the modern era, Bangladesh is trying to be a digital country. Dhaka University IT Society (DUITS) is an organization of Dhaka University that has been working for the last 6 years with a view to spreading knowledge of digitalization among the students and to apply digital method in different functions, activities and programs of the campus. It is the aim of DUITS to make the minds of the students more IT friendly and more connected to the ever developing methods of technology. Within only 6 years DUITS Society has kept a reported participation in the national and international technology based programs and development works. So, if you are enthusiastic to take part in the great work of DUITS by being an active member of this family, you are warmly welcomed.